From advisory services that focus on assessment, benchmarking and developing a transformation roadmap, to our consulting services that execute the plan across Source-to-Pay technologies, process and people, to Sustainment for staffing assistance in key aspects of Source-to-Pay, Nitor builds a customized relationship that helps our clients become best in class. And throughout the process, our change management expertise assures that everything is aligned for maximum results and minimal growing pains.


Our Services Include:

Procurement Transformation

Advisory services designed to transform your entire procurement process or only select areas where the needs are the greatest.

Technology Strategy & Implementation

Expertise to select, plan, implement and support Source-to-Pay technology.

Business Process Sustainment

Outsourced staffing to help you meet your short- and long-term objectives, including during the transformation process or when implementing new technology.

Strategic Sourcing

Agile methodologies to empower a holistic approach to strategic sourcing driving cost savings while also improving performance across quality, delivery, and service.