Our Secret to Procurement Process Transformation

Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Unfortunately, that’s what many consultants bring to the table – the same tired models with your company name inserted throughout. At Nitor, our belief is that true procurement transformation requires a cultural shift driven by behavioral change in your organization. We have a proven, systematic approach to help you move your organization from where it is today to the vision you have for tomorrow.

The key steps to any procurement transformation include:

  • Establishing the mission statement for each of the 8 Source-to-Pay Elements
  • Identifying the key activities and sub-tasks in each of the Elements
  • Conducting a gap analysis to transform the current state to desired state
  • Developing the People-Process-Technology aspects required to support the transformation
  • Establishing the key metrics which each of the 8 Source-to-Pay Elements will be measured against
  • Developing an implementation plan with project charter, resources, milestones and governance

Strategy and Operating Model

Aligning the transformation plan to the “existing” and “to-be” organizational operating model is critical. We help design the future state and construct the business plan to be accepted by the organization. We roadmap the projects to be invested in, roles to be filled, and value to be driven.

Change Assessment and Strategy

Transformation obviously requires significant change in process and technology. Too often, however, companies assume that, “if we build it, they will come” and ignore the impact process/technology change has on people. Our change management methodology ensures that your transformation efforts are sustainable by guiding your associates toward new behaviors and skills.


A transformation program has many components and must be executed through robust planning and rigorous implementation. We apply our project management skills and methodology to ensure objectives are delivered and your transformation initiative is successful.


Why choose Nitor?

Experience does matter. Our Procurement experience – focused on improving people, process, and technology – is what differentiates our team from other services organizations. We’ve been a part of the Spend Management space since its inception and have contributed to its evolution over the years. As a result, we’ve served clients across all industry verticals and with a global reach.

Unusual Flexibility

At Nitor, we know that even the most thorough plan will still experience a few diversions along the way. For that reason, our work with clients is extremely – you might even say, “unusually” – flexible. We gauge our success by how you achieve your goals.

Track Record of Success

Our clients come first. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and are extremely proud of the fact that all of them are strong references and champions of our approach. We’re happy to connect you with any of our clients to share their experience working with Nitor as a valued partner.

Fluent in All Technology

The Nitor team has significant experience with a wide variety of technology platforms, and our focus is helping you achieve the most from your technology choice. You won’t find us “pushing” a provider, but you will find that we’ll show you how to optimize your systems to achieve maximum benefit.

Nitor can help you transform your Procurement organization. Call us…let’s discuss your goals and where you want to go. By applying our proven methods to your transformation needs we guarantee success.