Procurement technology solutions have evolved to provide right-sized solutions for mid-market organizations to automate and streamline Source-to-Pay processes.


While technology has been adapting to inclusiveness, so has Nitor. We have challenged ourselves over the past five years to develop alternative deployment models based on an organization’s budget, need, size, complexity and vertical.


The same tasks are required to deploy a project of any size. How long it takes, who performs the work and the complexity of the environment drives the implementation investment. By controlling those tasks while also applying our experience, we have a solution for an organization of any size.


Our mid-market solutions deliver:

  • 12-week deployment
  • Value-based price point
  • Access to quality content – millions of SKUs in just days
  • Global functionality
  • Improved spend transparency – with reporting cadence across your P2P processes
  • Enhanced spend visibility and management – to reduce spend leakage
  • Consumer simple and best practices – online shopping experience
  • Digitized procurement – connecting you to the world’s largest trading network


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