This is the strategy behind cash management for Nitor.  An invoice is a financial instrument (ok, not by SEC definition) but it has value to both payers and payees.  Let’s break this down in simple terms:

Money – simple, it’s the money owed or owing and enough said here.

Timing – when do you pay the money and what value does that have to the receiving party?

Cost of Money – what cost of capital do you and your supplier have?

Incentives – are there potential other benefits you have based on the cash management strategy you deploy?

Nitor can help your organization understand the value levers across these four dimensions to build a comprehensive strategy to monetize your Payables.  Procurement organizations work with suppliers every day.  In our experience, the Procurement organization is in the best position to evaluate a supplier’s wants and needs. This creates additional leverage points for your organization; balancing cost, speed, innovation, quality and risk across your supply base.


If you are interested in making Procurement truly a profit center, with easy-to-measure, repeatable, bottom line efficiency – we should talk.

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